Friday, October 11, 2013

Hotline 104.1 WATN Oct. 11, 2013

Hotline WATN 104.1 FM on Friday, Oct. 11, 2013, with host Watertown Mayor Jeff Graham

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  1. Jeff, I told you about Area 51 and its connection to Watertown 3 years ago and you coudnt be bothered to listen like usual. It seems everything I have been talking about is coming back around Like I said it would. The Vortex you couldnt be bothered with, the fluoride you couldnt be bothered with, the new world order you couldnt be bothered with and so many others like the collapse of the usa dollar...Which I said it was coming and most laughed off or just ignored the real facts. I been right on almost everything I said. Now get ready for a martial law very soon, and keep checking the sky for the second sun of our system that is heading in right now. Yeah its called Nibiru- Prophecy is usually right when ya gonna get that!